Who is funding and organising this research?

The project is funded by the European Crop Protection Association
The Institute of Occupational Medicine, Health & Safety Laboratory, Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (Utrecht University), and the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health (University of Manchester) are collaborating on this study.
The Principal Investigator for the study is Dr. Karen Galea

Project Governance

Our Independent Advisory Board members are as follows:

Emeritus Prof Aaron Blair (Chair), National Cancer Institute (USA)
Prof Len Levy, Cranfield University (UK)
Dr Mark Montforts, RIVM (The Netherlands)
Prof Silvia Fustinoni, University of Milan (Italy)

Our Advisory Board members have all completed Conflict of Interest forms, which are available below:

Prof A Blair (COI download here)
Prof L Levy (COI download here)
Dr M Montforts (COI download here)
Prof S Fustinoni (COI download here)

A Project Governance document has been drafted for the IMPRESS project. This document describes the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the project, including the Independent Advisory Board. To allow for transparency this document is made publically available and can be accessed by clicking here.

The Independent Advisory Board held its first meeting with the project team on 15th December 2017. Copies of the meeting minutes and the Advisory Boards independent report of the meeting are provided below:

IMPRESS Advisory Board meeting minutes
IMPRESS Advisory Board independent report